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Interest Groups

For more information on Interest Groups contact Interest Groups Coordinator. Interest groups are very responsive to members' wants and needs so new interest groups can start at anytime during the year.

Some of the current Interest Groups include:

An Evening Out This group usually meets most months.

Book CircleThis group meets once or twice a year. Each member chooses a new hardcover book. These books are passed around to each member.

Book Discussion GroupThis group meets on the first Thursday of the month.

Bridge- This group meets from 1-4 pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays.

Coffee Social- The idea behind this group is for members to meet for coffee once a month to talk about whatever comes to mind. It also is for new and prospective members to meet others and to find out more about our groupNo sign-up required- this group meets once a month.

Genealogy- This group meets with like members from the Victoria CFUW group.

Golf- This is a seasonal group.

Learn and Lunch- lunch and a visit to a place of interest in our community.

Mystery Book ClubThe first Saturday of every month 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Technology - This group which assists members with learning about various aspects of technology will meet at different times depending upon the activity scheduled.

Writers This group meets with members of the Victoria group  3rd Thursday at 1:30 pm in coffee shops or members’ homes, alternating between Sidney and Victoria.